Going to China!

I’m finally going to China, for the first time, tomorrow. I have been dreaming about this for years!  I have seen several documentaries on life in China and have traveled a bit around the globe, so I think I have a pretty good idea what it will be like. However, I still have a feeling that this experience will still touch and change me in unexpected ways. The Twin Peaks quote comes to mind: “When you see me again, it won’t be me.”

My fiancée, Shujie, will be my tour guide. She grew up in China in a small town, Fengqiu, in the Henan province. We actually found the town on Google Earth! It’s ferry cool, and a bit freaky. Here’s the GPS coordinates of a circle in the middle of town, which Shujie says she walked past to school every day: 35.04009 N, 114.41635 E.

We’ll visit Beijing for a couple of days and then go to Fengqiu, where I will meet my future mother-in-law.  Shujie will have to interpret for us, as her mother doesn’t speak English and I speak neither Manderin nor their local dialect.  I’m hoping to take down and memorize some polite words though while we are there.